Horsebox & Trailer Insurance - Questions Answered

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Before you dust off your sat-nav and load up the lorry, make sure you're correctly insured whether it is a horsebox or trailer you're driving.

Whether you're on the move on a weekly basis, or whether your horse's transport is purely for emergencies, it is essential that you have the right horsebox insurance policy in place for your horsebox or trailer.

What kind of horsebox or trailer insurance do I need?

This can be an area that confuses many people, when it comes to what type of insurance you may need.  To keep it simple most will go for fully comprehensive cover.

When it comes to what type of usage you should have, this is where owners need to ask themselves some key questions.  If you're using your horsebox "just for fun" then a Social, Domestic & Pleasure policy will be adequate for the majority of horse owners.  This policy allows the non-professional horse rider to get out and about and compete their horse for pleasure.

If using your horsebox forms part of your business, such as competing horse in return for payment or with a specific intent of increasing their value to sell as your business, then Business Use will be required.  Even taking horses to a training venue, that you are paid to ride, would constitute business use.

If you're moving someone else's horse for payment, you'll need Hire & Reward.  This isn't limited to just transporters, it is also valid for livery yard owners who charge liveries to transport their horses to competition venues or the vets.

Do I need to insure my horse trailer?

Legally you do not need a separate insurance policy for your horse trailer, as long as the towing vehicle it is attached to has sufficient insurance.  When it is in use and attached to a correctly insured vehicle the third party liability that extends from the car insurance, will cover the trailer.

However, a specialist horse trailer insurance policy can offer additional benefits should your trailer be stolen or damaged.  Therefore it is always advisable to take out a separate insurance policy to protect yourself financially.

Can I travel my friend's horse?

As long as the horsebox owner is not receiving any form of reward from the owner of the horse they are transporting then they will be covered under a standard social, domestic and pleasure horsebox policy.

In the event that the horsebox owner makes a charge for transporting another's horse, then a Hire & Reward policy would be required.  This may also affect the type of licence you need to have in order to drive your vehicle.  We always advise owners to check with VOSA and the DVLA for licensing clarifications. 


At Shearwater we offer a range of horsebox insurance and horse trailer insurance policies to suit individual needs.  From 3.5t to all weights of HGV worth up to £750,000.  Both personal and commercial use policies are available.  With all of our horsebox and trailer insurance policies, breakdown cover is available at a discounted rate.

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