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Tack thefts are often reported across social media sites, with Horse & Hound also reporting a number of large scale tack thefts from venues such as Keysoe, Hickstead and Arena UK in 2022.  Are you keeping your tack safe when at home and at competition venues?

The Shearwater team shares some advice on how to keep your valuable saddlery and equipment safe.

1) Don't leave valuable items unattended

This may sound obvious, but we've all done it.  Tacked up at the lorry and ridden off to compete with the tack locker left open.  It then makes it very easy for someone to walk past and pick something up.  Equally, keeping a tack room locked at all times, or if on a shared yard keeping your equipment in your own secure locker, will help to keep items safe.

2) Keep record of items

Saddlery and tack are expensive items.  Keep a record of all your possessions with descriptions, serial numbers, purchase dates and values.  Where possible take pictures of your items and keep a copy of receipts and invoices.

3) Security marks & microchipping

Security marking, tagging or microchipping items is good practice to help prevent thefts, or to help recover stolen items in the event of a theft.  Auction houses or potential buyers will be able to check to see if they are registered as property of another person.

There are a wide range of asset marking systems and saddle trackers now available on the market.

4) Ramp up security

Keeping a tack room locked is one thing, however the right security measures need to be in place to ensure the room is secure enough even when locked.

 - Add door and window bars

 - Check for weak spots in walls, doors and hinges

 - Add deadlock bolts

 - Install burglary alarms and sensory lighting.  When choosing and alarm, select an installer who is National Security Inspectorate (NSI) or Security Systems & Alarms Inspectorate Board (SSAIB) approved.  Some insurance policies will only require a bells alarm system and others will require the alarm to go through to a manned call centre.

- Control access to tack rooms and keep combination locks changed on a regular basis

5) Additional tack lockers

You may think your tack room is secure, however adding internal tack lockers with additional security can provide an extra layer of security for high value items.  This is a particularly good option for those in shared tack room facilities.

6) Don't share tack room images on social media

Social media is often stated as a business' shop window to the world, and it is just that to prospective thieves.  Sharing detailed layouts of your yard, pictures of security additions and tack room contents is a quick route to advertising what you have to thieves.  


Insurance for your tack and equestrian equipment can be achieved through a number of ways - as an addition to a household policy, an addition to a horse insurance policy, as buildings contents insurance or as a standalone tack room policy.  These options make it simple and affordable to ensure equipment is fully insured.

Discuss with your insurance broker the values of your equipment, what travels away from home and the different policies you already have.  They will be able to discuss your insurance requirements and suggest the best options for effective cover.

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