Protection for your future

No matter the role you occupy in the equestrian industry, appropriate protection for your future is key. But do you know which insurance policy you need, and which you can miss out? Shearwater Insurance explains it all.


Back in the saddle

A robust and effective policy is essential for anyone who rides or coaches for a living, as well as for freelance grooms who have to mount up as part of their role. It’s important to note that while many governing bodies once provided Personal Accident coverage through their memberships, this has been largely phased out – so putting your own coverage in place should be your first order of business. Pair Personal Accident coverage with a Public Liability policy to make sure all parties are cared for in the event of an incident.


For the yard or venue

If you run a yard, be it a private training yard or a busy livery yard, you’ll need to consider your clients, your staff, and your equine residents, as well as the buildings and expensive equipment in your possession. Take the sting out of combining multiple policies by investing in a comprehensive Equestrian Buildings policy, which protects against both accidental and malicious damage, theft, loss of income, and more.


If you have staff, it’s a legal requirement that you have Employers’ Liability, which can be added onto a Public Liability policy for maximum coverage. Care, Custody, and Control is an essential add-on to your policies if you look after other people’s horses – this will protect you if one of your charges is injured through negligence.


Running a busy competition venue? You don’t need to pick and mix your coverage – instead, speak to a knowledgeable equestrian insurance broker to create a bespoke, all-risks, policy that will cover you in any scenario, from burns in the café through to accidents on the cross-country course.


Back to business

Whether you’re running an online equestrian retail business or a microbusiness from your kitchen, you’ll need to protect your assets and yourself. Retail package policies can be customised for a bespoke option that covers your staff, your customers, and your stock and equipment, while Work From Home policies can be a good option for niche business owners, for example artists, milliners, or custom saddlers.


Personal reputation

With the rise of digital media, careers in equestrian-adjacent PR, marketing, and social media are more prevalent than ever. While these roles might not come with the obvious risks of a hands-on career with horses, it’s still vital to make sure you’re well-equipped to handle the unexpected.

Consider a package that combines Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, and Legal cover. This will protect you in case of accidental negligence, copyright breach, or erroneous advice leading to the loss of a client’s money. Public Liability insurance is a requirement, too, for photographers at most competitions – don’t skimp on this essential coverage, which ensures that you won’t be out of pocket if anyone suffers an injury or property damage because of you or your kit.


Ready to discuss your customisable and comprehensive insurance options? Call Shearwater Insurance to chat to an experienced advisor who understands the unique requirements of your equestrian business.