Shearwater Insurance form partnership with the EBA

Equine Business Association

Do you own a business but are unsure of the insurance you might need for it? Often as business owners we find ourselves so busy actually running and working for clients we don’t have time to stop and have a look at what our business might need. Shearwater Insurance has joined forces with the Equine Business Association to offer business owners an easy solution to business insurance.

Members of the EBA can now simply fill out a form and be put directly in touch with an account manager at Shearwater, who will run through and audit their company for insurance needs. The roles and services of each individual company will be looked at closely by Shearwater’s specialised team before providing a report on the best policies available for that company. The audit itself is a free service provided by Shearwater Insurance and the EBA. If gaps in insurance are identified, EBA gold members benefit from an exclusive discount across all the insurance products offered by Shearwater.

The idea has come together via the EBA and Shearwater to support those in the equine business sector and help them manage their insurance effectively, offering that one stop shop where all the companies needs can be met. Another benefit, alongside the discount, is that members of the EBA can also gain advice across all insurance areas from Shearwater, not just the business side.

Christina Jones from the EBA said “we are thrilled to be partnering with Shearwater on this fantastic service. We often find many of our members are unsure of the insurance they need for their businesses or indeed if they need any at all, so it is great to be able to offer them advice and support through Shearwater.”

Managing director of Shearwater Insurance Jeremy Lawton commented “it is always important to us to support businesses and especially within the equine sphere. Working with the EBA we hope to be able to offer advice, support and a straight forward service to their members, making insurance simple and stress free.”

Shearwater Insurance was established in 1992 and initially specialised in equestrianism, before diversifying out to cover a wide range of policies both commercial and personal. Shearwater look after the insurance needs for all sorts of businesses, ranging from small sole traders to large companies, and are dedicated to providing customers with a top class personal service, that they have made their trademark. Using a specialist equine insurance broker has many benefits above using a more general business insurance. Shearwater understand and know the market, they have the ability to source insurance for niche elements and have had years of experience within this sector. As horse owners and business owners themselves, they know what makes good protection.

The partnership with EBA will be launching on Monday 26th March 2018.

For further information head to the EBA website - or contact Shearwater on 01992 718666


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