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Insuring your equestrian property, and everything in it, shouldn’t be a stressful experience.  It can however be confusing knowing what is covered, what could be covered and how certain policies can work together. Shearwater Insurance, understand this niche market and the importance of getting equestrian property insurance tailored to meet your individual needs.


Here Shearwater’s specialist equine insurance brokers answer key questions regarding stables and equine property insurance, explaining the difference between equine specific and mainstream policies and why a tailored equine policy is best.


Does running a livery yard require different insurance?


When running your equestrian property as a livery yard, whether this is for a commercial venture or whether it is as simple as having a few friends livery to help with running costs, the material damage cover does not differ.  For example, the buildings themselves and their content remains the same.  However, insuring your equestrian property as a livery yard can offer additional benefits including Money Cover & Assault and Business Interruption cover.


The main difference between insuring stables for personal use and as a livery yard is liability.  Many clients believe that having DIY liveries does not count as having a livery yard.  However, if a horse escaped and caused third party property damage because a gate was left open who would be liable?  Specialist Livery Yard Liability insurance can cover you for such circumstances.  Additionally, Property Owner’s Liability is included with Livery Yard Liability which protects the yard owner should a member of the public be injured on your land, or in and around your buildings.


Why use equestrian specific insurance?


Equestrian properties are a niche market and therefore require specific cover to ensure that all key areas and uses have the appropriate level of cover.


Standard household polices are not designed for the non-standard nature of equestrian properties and therefore cover may fall short in some areas.


The wording of Equestrian Property Insurance policies are tailored and designed to consider that horses are the main occupants of the buildings and the unique equestrian uses that goes with them.


Are my stables content not automatically covered under my household insurance?


Standard Household Buildings and Contents policies are not designed to cover everything your equestrian property may house.  Some policies may have restrictions on individual values for items, additional security requirements or may exclude certain uses.


Mainstream household insurers will not cover all your equestrian specific equipment, such as show jumps, hay and feed, bedding, and tack.  The financial consequences, not to mention the inconvenience and stress of replacing items, could be significant if the contents were stolen or damaged due to an insurable peril, such as fire or flood.


By using an equestrian specific insurer and broker you can be confident in the level of cover that is being provided and take a stress-free approach to equestrian property insurance provision.

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