Tack Insurance - Your Questions Answered

With many equestrian's tack rooms boasting a better array of clothing for their horse than their own wardrobe the question of tack and equipment insurance comes up time and time again.  Saddles can vary in price from a few £100s to several £1000s for custom made competition saddlery.  Keeping your kit under lock and key and adequately insurance should be high on your priority list.

In this blog the Shearwater team tackle some of your most frequently asked questions on the topic of tack insurance.

How do I go about covering my tack having purchased a new horse? 


Insuring tack can be done in a number of ways, as an addition to a horse insurance policy, as a standalone policy, as an addition to a household policy or as part of an equestrian buildings policy. 


The most common way we see people insuring their tack is as part of their horse insurance policy, however there is a £3,500 limit which may therefore exclude a number of higher value saddles.  


For those with higher value saddlery we’d recommend a ‘tack room’ policy where much higher values of saddlery, and equipment, are able to be insured under one simple policy.


I’ve always had my tack covered on my house insurance - if I buy an expensive new saddle will this be enough?


Insuring your saddle as part of a house insurance policy could still be an option.  You would need to check your policy wording to ensure that there isn’t a single item value limit and would also need to check that where the saddle is kept meets the requirements of the house insurance policy.  Some policies may stipulate that it needs to be stored in a room or building that is connected to the house.  Those with tack rooms that are separate or in a different location would then need to look for additional cover.


What information do you need from me to insure newly purchased tack? Does it differ if the tack has come with a horse purchase? 


There is no difference between insuring tack that has been purchased or that that has come with a horse.  We simply need the value of the tack and the make and model details.


Is the cover just for saddles or can other items be included?


Cover is available for a wide range of equestrian equipment including saddles, bridles, clipping and therapy equipment, feed and forage, show jumping and dressage arena equipment.  However, the tack addition to a horse policy is limited to saddles and bridles.


Is my tack covered when it is stored in the lorry at shows?


Only if locked with a 5-lever mortice lock.  Other forms of cover would be dependant upon horsebox/trailer/car insurance policies.


Is it worth having saddles security marked? 


Having a saddle security marked can help identify the saddle in the event of a theft.


If my saddle is stolen, would the insurer pay the full cost of replacement or would it be the market value of the saddle at the time?


The insurer would pay the current market value of the saddle.


My tack is kept at the yard where my horse is at livery. Am I covered if a communal tack room is broken into? (I guess this would be a good place to discuss security measures?)


As long as the required security elements of your policy are met, then yes it would be covered.  The tack room would need to be locked with a 5-lever mortice lock at the time of the theft.  Some tack room policies will also require an alarm system as well.



My saddle has been damaged as my horse reared up when my livery yard’s groom was exercising him - who should claim for repairs or replacement, the livery yard or me? Would this be any different for a horse which is kept and home and being exercised by a freelance? 


We would never tell a client who to claim from.