Top tips on business success with the Equine Business Association

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We have teamed up with one of our partners The Equine Business Association to bring you some useful content around growing a successful business within the equestrian industry. In this blog the EBA also looks at making the most of working from home and other some top tips to battle the boredom!

Setting up a new business

It’s important to know your ideal customer, create a profile for them and consider how your product or service will benefit them. Note down all the features and how they may benefit people differently.

Have a clear idea on how you wish to market your business, it would be beneficial to talk to social media and PR experts, particularly those that work with other business within the equine industry as they’ll be able to tailor a plan with you, specifically aimed at your ideal customer.

Working with a business coach can truly help you and drive your business forward, however many who are starting out can’t afford to work with someone. To combat this build a network of people that you can share ideas with and who can give you advice, but be sure they will give it to you straight as well! Remember, you want your business to succeed and sometimes that means having conversations you might not necessarily enjoy.

Working from home

Having a routine can ensure you’re working efficiently, know your priorities and focus on what you need to achieve. It’s easy to not switch off from work mode and always be available when you’re running your own business. Set yourself working hours, this could be as simple as not responding to messages after 8pm.

Allowing yourself time away from your computer and phone is key to staying motivated as well as for your own general wellbeing. This could be as simple as going to see your horses or making a cup of tea and sitting to enjoy it for ten minutes. This allows your brain time to relax and recharge so when you do return to work you’re energised and able to focus more clearly.

EBA founder Christina Jones said "It's important to build & maintain a good network of business buddies when you're working from home. You might want to try co-working spaces once or twice a week. The alternative is to build a great online network and arrange regular Skype coffee dates. One of the reasons behind setting up the Equine Business Association was to make sure that working in your equine business was a less lonely place to be."

The Equine Business Association unites the global horse industry through networking and a supportive community for equine business owners and professionals. You can become a member via this website here 

Shearwater Insurance and the Equine Business Association have also joined forces to offer business owners an easy solution to business insurance. Members of the EBA can now simply fill out a form and be put directly in touch with an account manager at Shearwater, who will run through and audit their company for insurance needs. If gaps in insurance are identified, EBA gold members benefit from an exclusive discount across all the insurance products offered by Shearwater. Members of the EBA can also gain advice across all insurance areas from Shearwater, not just the business side. 

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