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Care Custody & Control Insurance

Protect yourself from claims that may arise in the event of an injury or death of a horse in your care, with care, custody and control (CCC) cover.

The Worst Case, Yet Frequent, Scenario

Care, Custody and Control insurance is often referred to as Custodial Liability insurance and provides cover for the insured against claims that arise from the death and/or accidental injury to horses/ponies that are in their care, custody and control.  This could be as livery, be they assisted, part or full time liveries, or a horse that may have been sent to a rider for schooling.

CCC insurance is most commonly found combined with Transporters Insurance or Livery Yard Insurance.

The policy will offer a benefit to be paid for veterinary fees and/or the current market value of the horse, up to the limit of indemnity, in the event of an accident, sickness, disease or death of the horse.

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Transporter Insurance

By law, if you are moving goods, in this case, horses, ponies and donkeys in exchange for money, you must have the relevant certificate and qualification to cover equine transit for journeys. Without this, you will not be able to put this  insurance in place.

If your business revolves entirely around the safe transportation of other people’s horses, there is nothing to gain by opting for substandard insurance, as the risks could just be too great. At Shearwater we know precisely what cover you need in place to be well protected in your business operations, while giving your customers the confidence in your services. We also include Public Liability as standard.

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Livery Yard Insurance

Livery yard insurance arranged by Shearwater gives you as the yard owner the opportunity to cover your business simply and effectively, so you can be confident that behind the scenes of your bustling enterprise, you’ve got the right protection in place.

Shearwater has many years of experience when it comes to understanding the requirements of a livery yard owner. The result is a range of insurance policies designed specifically for protecting you as the owner, along with your staff and your customers. From riding instructors and livery yards to stud farms, Shearwater specialise in finding insurance solutions designed to protect you and help ensure you and your business financially covered.

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