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  • Public and employers’ liability
  • Business Interruption
  • Buildings cover
  • Legal Expenses
  • Cash on premises
  • Goods in transit

Customers, suppliers, and the many other browsers who are in and out of your florist shop are frequently brushing with risks, whether it’s a particular thorny plant or a wet floor.

The threat of injury should be enough reason in itself to make sure that your florist insurance is up to scratch, but there are plenty of others.

Delicate Stock

Fresh flowers aren’t not blessed with the longevity possessed by a can of beans, so cover for stock in a florists may look very different from that of a small corner shop. Not to mention that they can be particularly vulnerable during transit – a regular occurrence if you offer a delivery service.

A Keen Eye For Composition

The way in which flowers are put together is just as important as the individual items themselves if they’re to complement each other. It’s much the same for an insurance policy, and our team at Shearwater have a keen eye for details, offering a level of attention which lends itself well to a truly supportive insurance policy.

Assembling You Insurance

We’re here to make sure your busiest periods are suitably accommodated by your insurance, that you have adequate cover for deliveries, and that you’re not leaving yourself open to claims made by those on your premises. And this is only the basics. Once we get to know your business better, we can work on the insurance composition that best reflects your requirements.


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Greg Roberts

We appreciate Shearwater Insurance Services’ hands-on approach in dealing with our insurances. For example, recently we had a break-in at a property in Marylebone. Shearwater arranged a loss adjustor the next day and we had our claim verified and submitted within four weeks. The payment was sent to us very soon afterwards. Given the difficulties

March 17, 2016

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