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  • Grazing land and stable owners
  • Covers persons injured or property damage in, on or around the land/property insured.
  • Defence costs around false allegations of negligence
  • Option to cover future development sites any other types of land

Whether you are leasing your stables or fields to others, or simply enjoying your own space at home, you hold a responsibility to ensure your equestrian property is safe and fit for purpose. Perhaps you have a small field with one or two horses in, or a large stable set up with ménage and equestrian facilities.

Whichever sounds more like you, animals are unpredictable and accidents can happen, whether it’s a gate swings open and hitting someone or a passerby is bitten by a horse.

Ring fence your land and protect your liabilities

Shearwater can help you protect against claims being made against you and provide compensation in the event that an incident, such as injury or damage to property, occurs to a third party, whether you’re allowing other people to use your land and its facilities or not.

As a specialist equestrian broker, you can be sure that your needs will be met with a clear understanding of your requirements. We’ve encountered a colourful variety of claims since our establishment and so we’re well prepared for most eventualities.

Someone’s been bitten by a horse, now what?

Were you at fault? This is where having the right insurance in place for your land will make all the difference, whether it’s one field or 20 horses in a large equestrian set up. If this person were injured by the horse in question, or their car is damaged by a falling branch on your private road, then a land liability policy would cover the court costs incurred, such as solicitor’s fees, and compensation that would need to be paid out if you were to lose the case.


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