Horse Insurance - Your Questions Answered

Horse insurance can be a complicated subject, especially when it comes to deciding what type of policy and level of cover you need.  Here the Shearwater team looks to answer a number of key customer questions.

What ages can I cover my horse?

The horse insurance offered by Shearwater Insurance provides cover for horses between the ages of 30-days and 20-years-old, with full cover offered.  For those veteran horses, aged 20-years plus, we can offer a veteran horse insurance policy with reduced cover (Accidental External Injury only).

What value should I insure my horse for?

Owners may insure their horse for the purchase price paid.  If the horse is not a recent purchase and the owner feels that the purchase price is no longer reflective of the horse's current market value a higher price can be stated, however evidence to justify the increased value will be required.

Is a vetting required?

A vetting is required for all horses valued over £5,000, this is irrespective of whether the horse is a new purchase or has been with the owner for a period of time.

Those moving from one insurer to another, without a break in insurance, may not be required to have a full vetting.

There are also some scenarios where a vetting is required for a lower value horse.

Shearwater's team will be able to advise on the level of vet certificate required on a case-by-case basis.

Can I take my horse abroad?

Shearwater's horse insurance policies provides cover for the horse to travel anywhere within Wester Europe.  If you are travelling horse's to any other countries please contact a member of the team to enable us to refer this to your insurer prior to travel.

Do I need horse insurance?

Horse insurance is not a legal requirement of owning a horse.  However, owning a horse is a serious financial commitment.  If anything goes wrong the costs associated with veterinary treatment can be expensive, it is therefore worthwhile considering protecting yourself against unexpected costs.

We do recommend that all horse owners carry public liability insurance as a basic level of insurance.  This would provide cover should your horse injure a third party or cause damage to third party property.


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