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Racehorse Trainer Insurance

You may be set for a win, but does your insurance prepare you for a fall?

We are currently unable to offer Racehorse Trainer Insurance due to changes in the market.

racehorse trainer insurance - Shearwater Insurance

Trainer considerations

As a racehorse trainer, you take the day to day care of often someone else’s, making important decisions which you need to be confident in. A racehorse trainer insurance policy arranged by Shearwater aims to support you in your work. It protects against problems that are specific to your work, so you can focus on what matters – that is the horse and its training.

racehorse trainer insurance Shearwater insurance

Insurance that beats the competition

The team at Shearwater can arm you with specific racehorse trainers insurance, offering advice and expertise around insurance in the racing field along with competitive premiums.

Along with the essential Public Liability cover and Employees Liability Cover , we can also offer Care, Custody and Control insurance which can cover you in the event that an owner claims that an injury or Loss to their horse was due to the negligent actions of you or a member of your team.

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