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  • Public & products liability
  • Employers’ liability
  • Property owners & land liability
  • Temporary stabling
  • Cancellation or curtailment
  • Care, custody and control
  • Hired-in equipment
  • Legal expenses

You’ve booked the stewards, hired the marquee, contacted the judges and volunteers and checked the weather forecast. Have you forgotten anything?

Sorting your insurance needs to be top of the list when arranging an event, whether you run the odd seasonal show, or operate a busy and bustling show ground. It’s only your insurance and sensible measures around the event that will stand between you and a large financial loss if something goes wrong in the lead up to, or on, the day itself.  

Take centre stage for the right reasons

With the stage set for your event and every problem accounted for, there are still small issues that can sneak in to throw your day off course, or large catastrophes that might lead to a cancellation altogether.

We know what makes for good event protection at Shearwater, and can help put the final touches of a comprehensive insurance package together, while you put your initial plans into action.

At any event where you are hiring equipment, or when members of the public are attending, you should take out public liability insurance to protect yourself from any third party injury or property damage that occurs.

When employing stewards, judges or volunteers, horse show insurance should include employers’ liability to cover you in the event of an injury occurring to them during the course of their work.

Cancellation insurance can be included to protect you in the event of situations outside of your control forcing the closure or cancellation of an equestrian show.

It’s show time with Shearwater 

If you’ve got a horse show or equestrian event on your hands, whether it is a one-off competition or a series of events held on a regular basis, Shearwater can provide insurance cover that aims to ensure both you and your attendees are protected.

The advice and guidance you receive from Shearwater comes from years of experience, and ensure that any additional thrills and spills that aren’t part of the spectacle can be prepared for.


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Greg Roberts

We appreciate Shearwater Insurance Services’ hands-on approach in dealing with our insurances. For example, recently we had a break-in at a property in Marylebone. Shearwater arranged a loss adjustor the next day and we had our claim verified and submitted within four weeks. The payment was sent to us very soon afterwards. Given the difficulties

March 17, 2016

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