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  • All risk mortality, death, theft and stray
  • Choice of veterinary fees from £3,000 to £10,000 per incident
  • Loss of use
  • Choice of excesses to suit your pocket
  • Third party liability
  • Tack cover up to £3,000
  • Personal accident
  • Older & veteran horses
  • Legal protection cover

If you are visiting this page, there is no doubt that your horse or pony, whether you have one or many, is important to you. As horse insurance experts the question we ask at Shearwater is: How we can make managing your horse, their health, wellbeing and protection easier for you?

For those used to competing, we can assure you that there is no first and second place in this scenario – no winners or losers. With Shearwater, not only will you be putting the needs of your horse or pony first, but you’ll be saving yourself time which would have otherwise been spent worrying if they’re protected well enough, and looking for insurance that’s going to come out top in terms of what it offers.

So how do we do this?


We understand

Not only you as our client, but from your perspective as a horse owner. With everything to consider, your insurance policy needs to be made easy. Each step in your policy journey at Shearwater will be as simple for you and your horse as possible, without sparing on the essential details that are going to protect your animal, and keep you at ease with your decisions to leave it to the experts who really care, and genuinely understand.

We’re current

As diagnostics and treatments have taken great strides in advancements, so the cost of veterinary bills has gone up. We know this at Shearwater, and it’s something we account for when sourcing your insurance policy.

And crucially, we’re experienced

Not only in insurance, but in equestrian insurance specifically, and this experience is diverse. We have been providing specialist horse insurance for over 20 years and single horse owners, professional trainers, breeders and competitors can all feel the benefit. Searching a huge range of policies we’ll put forward a choice selection of horse insurance quotes that will be the most suitable.


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Dear Shona, I have just received the cheque in settlement of my claim from the insurance company. I thank you and Richard for the speedy and efficient manner in which the claim was handled which was made very easy by the pair of you, with the minimum of fuss. It’s very reassuring to know when

March 17, 2016

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