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  • Low excess
  • Trailer and implements cover
  • Comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party cover
  • Cover for the insured and any authorised driver
  • Legal cover

Hobbyist farmers, landscapers and small holders might not need the extensive coverage offered through agricultural vehicles policy, which is designed for more heavy commercial use. But they still may own an expensive asset that allows them to do their work and needs protecting; namely a tractor.

What do you need to protect your tractor against?

Fires are a common insurance occurrence, and can be caused by an oil or diesel leak coming into contact with a high temperature object such as the vehicle’s turbocharger, or dust and debris around the engine compartment.

Despite their size and speed capabilities, farm tractors are frequently stolen. Because they’re not perceived as being the easiest of theft targets, keys will often be left in the ignition, or the vehicle itself left by the roadside. The simple approach answer is to treat your tractor as you would your car when it comes to security, or with even more caution, given its expense.

The need for speed

Today’s tractors are faster, and more speed means an increased likelihood of you being involved in or causing an accident. Any damage you sustain, or cause to third party property could cost you dearly, both personally and financially. Comprehensive insurance can provide cover for you and your tractor.

Shearwater’s understanding of tractors

Protection for your tractor is too complex to be tackled by insurance brokers who are inexperienced in this area. The mechanics and uses for your tractor put it in a different league to other vehicles, something we understand at Shearwater. We have access to insurers who deal with the needs of tractor owners every day, whatever their uses, and our team have the experience to guide you towards the tractor insurance policy quotes that are going to match up to those needs.


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March 17, 2016

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