Have You Thought About Your Breeding Insurance?

The winter has come to an end and spring is here which means the appearance of tiny hooves as the foals begin to arrive. We speak to our Equine Manager Kathy Tansey to explain what insurance you need to consider in relation to breeding…

What Insurance should I take out for my Broodmare?

Most standard insurance policies will offer breeding as a use option in the lowest category. I would suggest that you took All Risks of Mortality Cover and Veterinary Fees but Loss of Use for breeding is not usually an option taken. Other options such as Tack Cover and Third Party Liability would be purely a matter of personal choice and may be covered elsewhere.

Will my Vet Fees cover the mare for pregnancy related problems?

This is always a point to check with the particular company involved but most (including all of those offered by Shearwater) will cover for complicated Foaling and/or abnormalities during pregnancy but will NOT cover any routine procedures such as scans nor for the attendance of a vet to check all is well at a normal foaling.  Also no treatment required by the foal either during or immediately after birth would be covered by the mare’s policy.

How soon can my foal be insured?

This varies from company to company but normally a foal can be covered for Death from 24 hours old and Veterinary Fees can be added at a later stage usually around the thirty day point. Other than third party liability, if this is not covered elsewhere this is probably the only cover you would want until the horse was being ridden.

Is it possible to insure the foal before it is born?

Prospective Foal insurance is available but as it is high risk it is quite an expensive policy.  It must be taken out quite early in the pregnancy and it does require a lot of medical checks on the mare including negative twin scans etc. It is really only cost effective if you have paid a very high stud fee and is most popular amongst breeders of expensive racehorses.

I run a stud and have visiting mares in to use my stallion, what insurance cover do I require?

If you are running any commercial equestrian business it is always wise to have public liability insurance which will cover you in the event of the horses escaping and causing damage or somebody being hurt on your yard if you are proved liable.  If you keep horses on your premises which are not your own I would also strongly recommend that you have Care, Custody and Control insurance which will cover you in the event you are proved to be negligent in the care of those horses whilst they are in your charge. It should be said however that these policies usually do not extend to cover any injury caused to a mare whilst she is being covered by the stallion. I would therefore suggest all mare owners are asked to sign a disclaimer agreeing that they accept this risk prior to allowing your stallion to cover.

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