Breakdown safety with Shearwater Insurance

You take all the necessary precautions and never think it will happen to you but unfortunately most people will at some point suffer a vehicle breakdown and will need to be rescued. This can be as simple as when your lorry won’t start the morning of a competition, to a more worrying problem leaving you stuck at the side of the road.

Nobody wants to be left stranded especially when they have their horses on board so it is important to know you are fully covered by your breakdown cover, and you won’t be left without onward support should your horsebox not be able to be fixed at the side of the road.

If a breakdown does happen, do you know what to do?

We have pulled together some useful tips to help keep you and your horses safe. They will only take a few minutes to read and could help you in a moment of crisis.

  1. Stop – and try if possible to get your vehicle to the safest place. A verge, a hard shoulder or a gateway are ideal.


  1. Warn and inform – Switch on your hazard lights and position if safe to do so a warning sign 45m behind the vehicle. If you are in a dangerous position inform the police and highways agency via 999/112 and if the weather is poor leave your sidelights on.


  1. Call you breakdown provider – try to ensure you know your location or have a good idea of the area you are in before making the call. If you have breakdown coverage via Shearwater this will be in partnership with Equine Rescue Services who provide a very reliable and wide cover. If you breakdown call the freephone emergency number on your membership card.


  1. Keep calm – although you might find yourself in a stressful situation try to remain calm whilst waiting to be rescued. Ensure your horses are comfortable and have hay and water, as well as adequate ventilation or similarly rugs should the weather be cold. Do not get the horses out of the vehicle.


  1. Keep safe – where possible and especially on a motorway breakdown it is suggested drivers and passengers should stay outside the vehicle on the nearest verge. Never use the doors on the same side as the traffic. Always think about your own safety and wear bright or reflective clothing if you have any.


Don’t forget to check what your rescue policy covers. Not all breakdown covers will provide new transport for your horses, should your horsebox be unable to be fixed at the side of the road. Shearwater‘s vast experience in the horsebox and trailer market means we are uniquely placed to understand the needs of every horsebox owner. So give us a call today to discuss any queries you might have.


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For equestrian claims: Call 01992 707318

For all other claims: Call 01992 707155

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